Welcome to Life Not Likes

Find freedom from social media, and enjoy more bits of your life & business that light you up

About Us

We connect you with other like-minded business owners in one space to share in the joys and navigate the challenges together – there’s your networking right there!

We help you work through the things that are keeping you stuck and help you to safely move away from social media fully supported and guided so you can move forward with your business full of joy and confidence.

We give you the all-important ongoing accountability and support to put your knowledge into action so you can get the results you desire – finally stop procrastinating and take action to move your business forward.

This is what we do, we help you say no to social media so you can say yes to so much more, more business, more life, more money, more time, and more joy!

Why Join Us


Life Not Likes gives you the support & confidence to spend more time on the bits of your life & business that light you up

Find freedom from social media, escape the endless, mindless scroll and enjoy community, connection, and support

Community - Enjoy being part of a growing, thriving community bringing together like-minded professionals, just like you. Find your people to connect with virtually and in real life

Visibility - The opportunity to showcase your business and expertise just by being part of the community and feature on our blog and podcast – instant visibility

Coaching - Two powerful live coaching calls every month to ask questions, get support, share your wins and work through challenges

Support - You are never alone. We’re here to support you, as you find your feet and navigate your new way of doing life and business without social media.

Accountability - We’re here to cheer you on as you put things into practice & reach for your goals. We understand it takes more than just courses to grow and develop, and we know you don't want another course! What you do want is ongoing guidance and support every step of the way and that's what you'll get!